3 Simple All Natural DIY Cleaning Solutions


Cleaning your home doesn’t have to mean using harsh chemicals. Nature has provided us with some of the best cleaning solutions on the planet, that either work as well or sometimes better than the expensive, toxin-filled chemicals you can buy at the grocery store. Indoor pollution is a serious issue that is worsened by using caustic cleaning solutions. Here are three simple and all-natural DIY cleaning solutions you’ll love making and using:


  1. Baking soda – That’s right, just baking soda. Mixed with a little bit of water, it makes a paste that can help you scrub away stains on glass stovetops, sinks, tubs, and bathroom fixtures. You already know that baking soda is great for deodorizing your fridge, but it’s also great for deodorizing just about anything else, too. Sprinkle some in smelly shoes, toss some in the laundry for cleaner, antibacterial washes, and even toss some on stinky carpet before you vacuum! It’s great for use in the kitchen and the bathroom because it soaks up any stink and leaves the space smelling fresh.


  1. Vinegar – The two things you mixed in those volcanos in science class are actually the two best natural cleaning supplies in your cupboard. Vinegar has high acid content which makes it the ideal for cutting through soap scum in the bathroom and grease on the stovetop. It’ll take grime off of shoes (and anywhere else it appears), and when mixed with a little bit of baking soda in your toilet, it does everything from unclogging it to making it shine like new. Vinegar is also great for cleaning windows, since it clears away spots and smudges without leaving streaks. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell goes away as it dries.


  1. Lemon juice – It’s great for your tea (and your skin, if you’re acne prone), and it’s also great for removing hard water spots, mildew, grease, and mold. Again, the acidity make it cut through mess like a hot knife through butter, and when you’re done, the entire space will smell fresh like lemons—not the chemically, artificial lemon scent that some cleaning solutions are given. When you’re done with the wedges, put them down your sink and run the garbage disposal to clean the pipes and kill the stink that your sink can develop.


Use these cleaning solutions to get your home sparkling clean, without the harsh chemicals!

  • April 01, 2016
  • Corey Creed