5 Places Where Mold and Mildew Can Hide In Your Home, and What to do About It

It is hard to find homes that do not have any kind of mold hiding somewhere. We all know that mold and mildew are very dangerous to our health because they could cause itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing and even worse. Mold and mildew even have the potential to ruin household goods.

Even a clean and tidy home can have mold hiding in a few spots that could be missed in everyday cleaning.

Let’s discuss 5 of these spots where mold and mildew can be hiding in your home and what can be done to get rid of them:

  1. The detergent chamber of your washing machine: Mold grow in dark and damp which makes the detergent chamber a perfect place for them to reside and multiply.

To prevent the mold from growing in here, keep the detergent chamber open after every wash and let the chamber dry out on its own.


  1. Inside chimneys: Chimneys being out in open tends to get rusted. These rusted chimneys can become the home to mold to grow and collect inside brick crevices.

To prevent the mold from growing in your chimney, get a yearly cleanup from a chimney sweep.


  1. Under Sink cabinets: Whenever a pipe is leaking, the chances of mold growing up there is exponentially increased.

To prevent the mold from growing under sink cabinets, get a regular check up and make sure all the pipes are clean and dry.


  1. Wet Dishes: Do you have a habit of putting wet dishes in your cabinets? If yes, then you are giving housing to mold which can grow within the cabinets where they can feed on moisture and wood.

To prevent the mold from growing in your dish cabinets, wipe your cabinets with a vinegar soaked cloth. Make sure dishes are thoroughly dry when you put them away.


  1. Leather car seats: If your car has leather seats and you park it in the damp garage, the mold loves this environment to grow and multiply.

To prevent the mold from growing into your leather car seats, make sure your garage has airflow and is dry whenever the car is parked.


By staying a little cautious, your house will never host mold and mildew again.

  • December 01, 2015
  • Corey Creed