Why You Should Care What Your Bath Tub Mat is Made Out Of

If you have changed out your old bath tub mat recently, you may have noticed a very strong odor coming from the new one. No, it isn’t the pleasant smell of a fresh, new item, – it’s actually the smell of toxins off-gassing from the vinyl or PVC material. This is a cause for concern, since you don’t want to be breathing in toxic fumes when you’re relaxing in your bathroom or bathing your kids, if you can avoid it.

Just as PVC shower curtains and shower curtain liners have a strong odor for days after you hang them up, bath tub mats made of the same material can often have an overbearing toxic scent. The bathroom is typically a small space, and often enclosed without windows, and common sense will tell you that it isn’t a great idea to be confined in a small area with such a strong toxic odor overtaking the room. It can make you feel lightheaded, or even lead to a headache.

The good news is that there are safer options available, which will help make bath time healthier and more enjoyable. PVC-free bath mats can be made from a variety of safe materials, including rubber, bamboo, and recycled wood. Next time you are tempted to pick up a cheap PVC bath tub mat from the discount store, remember that toxic smell, and opt for a healthier material to keep your bathroom relaxing and safe.

  • January 01, 2016
  • Corey Creed