These are the best products we offer at Clean Healthy Living.  They sell the best because people love them.  You will love them too.

Roller Shower Curtain Rings


Our smooth roller ball shower curtain rings are made of polished stainless steel and are the perfect compliment to our various shower curtain rings.  Try them in your bathroom. These shower curtain rings are easy to clip on. Your shower curtain and liner will then glide back and forth with ease. The polished stainless steel is a modern design that...


Premium PEVA Shower Liner - Clear

$19.95 $13.97

This Premium clear PEVA shower curtain liner is our most popular product at Clean Healthy Living.  We are proud of its features and of the hundreds of five-star ratings it has on  Below are some details. PROTECT YOUR HEALTH! This shower curtain is imported and made from 100% PEVA ­ Completely PVC free, meaning our product is non-­chlorinated and...

Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Liner - White


When you purchase this heavy duty white PEVA shower curtain liner, you'll be able to use it either as a white shower curtain or as a liner to protect the shower curtain you have now.  The thicker quality means it stays where you want it to, not blowing around. This heavy duty shower curtain liner is a heavyweight at 25...

Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Liner - Frost


This frost heavy duty PEVA shower curtain liner is a little thicker and stronger than our premium series.  The frost is still translucent without being transparent.   This heavy duty shower curtain liner is a heavyweight at 25 ounces. This means the shower water will not blow out or stick to your legs. Water stays in the tub. It is...