Get a taupe PEVA shower curtain liner if you are wanting something special.  It's not the typical white or clear liner.  It will work perfectly with your bathroom as an actual shower curtain or as a liner to protect your shower curtain.

  • This shower curtain is soft, yet stronger than the cheap ones. When you turn your shower on, it will not blow out or stick to your legs. Water stays in the shower.
  • This liner is non-toxic PEVA, not PVC. It's eco-friendly! But it's also safer & healthier. Avoid those nasty toxic smells & headaches from typical PVC liners.
  • 12 Metal grommets protect the top holes. 3 Magnets on the bottom & 4 suction cups on each side keep it in place. It is built to stay in place and to last.
  • The first thing you'll notice when opening the package is that it has no smell at all. Completely odorless. Perfect for those with sensitivities to chemicals or smells.
  • See for yourself. This linen, mildew-resistant, non-toxic liner is the ideal size & thickness. It has the features you need and hangs beautifully. Order now.
  • 70 x 71 inches long

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